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Gipsy Point Day Two

by JB posted on 2009-06-09 01:24 last modified 2009-06-10 13:55
The weather is hot and the bush fires are getting closer. We decide to stay put.

It is difficult to feel comfortable with the knowledge that you have no deadlines or fixed agendas. Smokey Sunrise at Gipsy PointWe felt the need to pack up and move on from Gipsy Point but there was no real need nor reason to move.

So we settled in...

Day two involved helping in the kitchen and settling into life on the road.

The greatest excitement for the morning was when a brown snake had made its way into one of the guests fishing boat. They returned to the ramp, standing on seats and keeping away from the front of the vessel where the snake had sort refuge.

The boat was put on a trailer and brought up to the lodge for official snake extraction procedure. This involved filling it with water until the snake had to swim from its hiding place and then removing the snake with kitchen tongs and oven mitts..... quite a site!

The air was heavy with the smell of the fires that continued to burn in Gippsland.

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