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Lake Conjola Day One

by JB posted on 2009-06-09 01:24 last modified 2009-06-10 13:55
Lets get the boat in the water and go exploring!

With no shortage of helpful volunteers, I had my boat off the roof and into the water in no time. I've never seen so many people interested in us before. The Entrance at Lake ConjolaI really should put some more mud on the camper to make it look like we have been travelling for longer...

There's Bob, Jack, Doc, Max and George to name but a few all of them with their own insight and clever little tips on getting things set up and making things easier to use. Towing suggestions, fuel economy, anchoring your boat, tides, currents and fishing conditions. Places to go next and ones to avoid.

I am embracing early retirement and settling in to their early happy hours and wealth of knowledge. Emma on the other hand seems to feel a little over whelmed by these grey nomads and their willingness to offer suggestions...

Had a fish first thing, caught some small bream, pinkies and viewed some large whiting which didn't seem to want to take my bait. Considered diving on them...

Cooked up the keeper bream on the BBQ.

Locals gave us a feed of smoked fish, oysters and red claw (fresh water cray) from Emerald.

The weather is a touch colder than I'd like. I'm thinking about a jumper if the beer does not kick in to warm me up...

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