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Lake Conjola Day Three

by JB posted on 2009-06-09 01:24 last modified 2009-06-10 13:55
Catching the illusive sand worm

Another good day, high 20s. Emma and I floated down the inlet together on Em's body board to start off the day.Ducks at Lake Conjola

I asked Doc if he would take me 'worming'. According to his wife, Doc once collected sand worms from the surf as a part time job and is the best! None of the other nomads disputed this claim. I was set for a great day they told me.

They were right. What a sport, I found it more exciting than fishing! I caught my first and only sand worm after 2 hours.... Doc had his container overflowing and offered to share his haul....

The technique involves dragging a old and rotting sand whiting tied together with string (or in an orange bag) through the wash of the surf until the worms pop their heads up for a look.

The retreating wash leaves a 'V' like impression in the sand which allows you to identify the worm. The trick is to then secure them with your thumb and forefinger whilst tempting them with a single piece of bait.

You must complete this delicate operation swiftly, smoothly and with an even distribution of pressure before the worm retreats to its hole.

It is not easy!

I spent the rest of the afternoon surf fishing only to produce a few mullet for my efforts.

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