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Lake Conjola Day Two

by JB posted on 2009-06-09 01:24 last modified 2009-06-10 13:55
Exploring Lake Conjola

Another lovely day of around 30 degrees. 

Em and I went for a ride on our bikes around the area and later we took a walk to the surf beach.Kangaroos Lake Conjola

There is good surf fishing to be had along this stretch of water with plenty of holes near the beach. It would be too far to hike with all my gear so a drive to the beach is probably a better option.

Our neighbor 'Doc' offered me some sandworm to fish with tomorrow. I'll see if he will take me tomorrow to learn how to catch the worms from the beach.

The current runs very fast over the shallows of the inlet. The kids enjoy floating along the current past the van park. Em and I thought we would do same and found it a very pleasant way to take in the area.

In the afternoon we packed up the boat and found a good swimming hole to snorkel in up near the entrance. We spent most of the afternoon floating around up there watching the fish. I have never seen so many large whiting all with so little interest in my bait!

We watched some fisherman target the whiting with fly and lure and they only caught 3 in two hours. That made me feel better...

At night we ignored the locals advice and fed the kangaroos. That was a dumb idea.... they tend to get a bit aggressive. Later in the evening I came across some of the possums which wonder around the park, they were huge!

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