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The Wombat

by Les Goldsmith last modified 2008-11-06 15:07
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How do you stop a wombat from coming for Bed and Breakfast? - Since we started the business 10 years ago there has been a wombat that has wanted to rest under the building. For 9 years he has been fooled by the world's shortest Electric fence but now he is persistently getting around my efforts to keep him out from under the B & B

In an earlier life we kept a couple of pigs and the one sure way to keep these powerful animals in was the one wire below the netting about 15 cm off the ground.

When we built the B+B I pulled the old fence unit out of the shed and put a wire about a metre long in front of the access door under the building where the wombat had found a way in to a nice dry spot for a burrow. Just to be sure he was OK I fixed a swinging flap on the door so he could push out, lifting the wire on the board, but not get back in as he would hit the electric wire first.

For the first 9 years this has worked well but then he dug a hole around the side. I was in the process of fixing the fence to go around the corner and up the bank when our local CMA ranger said bury a bit of netting and he won’t  like to dig it up. It worked, problem solved - until the next hole started further along.

I was so pleased that the simple, dig the wire in, worked that I had taken down the Electric wire - he then had an in-door and an out-door. Digging the netting in requires that if the animal is under the house he can get out yet if he is out he can't get back in, so for the last few weeks as fast as I dig wire in, he pushes out.

Now I've moved our gate sensor to beside the hole and put the Electric wire back, this afternoon a Wattlebird set the sensor off, so the setup works - now all I have to do is jump out of bed when he sets off the alarm, frighten him away and push the dirt back. Perhaps he will give up soon.

This Morning:

The new hole is  OK no digging there, but around the corner at the access door there is a new hole underneath. What next? Fill the hole, bury some netting and set the electric wire so that it sits further from the house. Now is time to wait again.


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