New South Wales

Explore the magnificent gorges and waterfalls of the Blue Mountains; take a wine tour of the Hunter Valley, discover hidden rainforests and tropical beaches in the North; sail or cruise the bays of Sydney Harbour; watch whales and dolphins or visit the country's oldest townships.
Capital Country

This region combines the vitality and energy of Canberra with the tranquility of an established rural landscape. The region is set in one of Australia's handsomest landscapes, a fascinating mix of heritage towns and villages, stunning country gardens and beautiful waterways.

Explorer Country

From the gold rush towns of Sofala and Hill End to remote sheep stations, Central NSW Explorer Country provides the visitor with an unforgettable bush experience. Central NSW offers a diverse range of discovery-type experiences, a highlight is the Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo.

North Coast NSW

Stretching from Port Stephens to Coffs Harbour and inland to Dorrigo, North Coast NSW includes popular coastal meccas, such as Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Port Stephensand several stunning national parks to explore.

New England - North West

From the gold rush towns of Sofala and Hill End to remote sheep stations, Central NSW Explorer Country provides the visitor with an unforgettable bush experience - where history comes alive before your very eyes. Central NSW offers a diverse range of discovery-type experiences.

The Murray

Tumbling from its source in the High Country, the Murray is one of the world's great rivers, flowing through river red gum forests, wetlands teeming with birdlife, rich agricultural land and busy river towns. The Murray River has many historic links to Australia's past.

The Living Outback

Outback NSW is the Living Outback and provides a unique Australian experience that brings the visitor in contact with the ancient and spectacular landscape of the Outback. Discover a network of rivers and lakes, astonishing wildlife and meet the Aussie characters.


The Riverina has a lot to offer; from some of the nation's best food and wine, to the widest, most breathtaking horizons filled with wonderment, just waiting for your discovery. The Riverina is a great way to experience Country New South Wales.

Northern Rivers - Subtropical

Scattered throughout the Northern Rivers are dozens of delightful towns, villages, and rural hamlets. There are classic country hotels, cafes and guest houses and an abundance of fetes, fairs and festivals. The region's cultural mix has produced a vibrant regional identity.

Lord Howe Island

A tiny treasure rising out of the emptiness of the southern Pacific Ocean and part of the Australian state of New South Wales, Lord Howe Island is one of the world's last truly unspoiled Island destinations. Just 11 kms long and 2 kms wide, two thirds of its land mass is covered by Banyan, Pandanus and Kentia Palm forests, its many perfect beaches are safe, pristine and tranquil.

Blue Mountains

Named the Blue Mountains due to the blue haze that can be seen from Sydney created by light interacting with the vapour emanating from the millions of eucalypt trees. This rugged region features dramatic cliffs, rock formations, waterfalls and caves.

South Coast

A few hours south from Sydney, you'll find a charming strip of unspoilt coastline offering pristine beaches, picturesque seaside towns and quaint rural villages. Stretching from Berry to Eden, the South Coast contains no less than 10 separate national and marine parks.

Central Coast

Close proximity to Sydney and easy accessibility via fast freeways has ensured the Central Coast's development as a prime holiday destination. Characterised by large, calm saltwater lagoons, connected to the ocean via a number of small waterways and excellent beaches.


The Illawarra the name is an adaptation of an Aboriginal word meaning between the high place and the sea, has Wollongong as its centre and is flanked by the Tasman Sea shores and the Illawarra Escarpment with some of the very best waterfalls in Australia.

Snowy Mountains

Despite the mountain range's name, the Snowy Mountains lie below the line of permanent snow, so heavy snowfall will only be seen from June to October. During the winter months skiers, both local and international, flock to the many ski resorts dotting the mountains.


Australia's most vibrant city, Sydney, is a flourishing cosmopolitan cultural and financial centre. Although Sydney is not Australia's capital, it is the nation's oldest and largest city, occupying 3700km of the country. Sydney is the major gateway to Australia.


Scenic 2hr (180km) drive from Sydney, the Lower Hunter is one of Australia's premier wine-producing regions. There are over 90 wineries, large and boutique, and many restaurants. Coal mining has been a pillar of the local economy, although the current focus is on wine tourism.

Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia, located in the Hunter Region and only a little over an hour's drive north from Sydney. This vast blue saltwater expanse is one of the largest lakes in the Southern Hemisphere and is four times the size of Sydney Harbour.