Hill End | NSW

Situated 87 kilometres north west of Bathurst, Hill End was settled in July 1851. The area was renowned for its gold mines. In the early 1870s gold discoveries rapidly turned Hill End from a small rural and mining community into one of the largest inland towns in New South Wales. The famous Holtermann nugget was discovered in October 1872, measuring 144 centimetres by 61 centimetres and weighing 286 kilograms. Today Hill End is managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and offers insight into life in an 1870s mining and commercial centre. The village has excellent museums, interesting souvenir and craft shopping, gold fossicking, mine tours and beautiful scenery. Visit the Royal Hotel, Bald Hill underground mine, Hill End Visitor Centre and Museum, and History Hill in between panning for gold. Other attractions include camping, fishing, walking trails in magnificent scenery and cemetery tours.

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