Trundle | NSW

Situated 55 kilometres northwest of Parkes on "The Bogan Way", Trundle is a rural community, production consisting mostly of wheat, sheep and cattle farming. If you're looking to capture a classic photo of a country town, look no further than Trundle. Picture yourself here, standing on New South Wales' widest main street, next to the longest wooden veranda in Australia! This famous veranda belongs to the Heritage Listed Trundle Hotel, built in 1909. The two storey hotel was built out of pise mud, rendered with cement and adorned with a 66 metre long wooden veranda. Today the hotel offers a great spot for a drink, counter meal or accommodation. There are no problems with making an angle park in Trundle. Forbes Street is New South Wales' widest main street, coincidentally also measuring 66 metres. Locals say you need a packed lunch to get from one side to the other. Famous events hosted in Trundle include the Trundle ABBA festival and Trundle Bush Tucker Day. Get your dress-ups or napkin on and roll on in to Trundle for some good times with good people.

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